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Frequently asked Questions


What is PrivatMarket for business?

PrivatMarket for Business (privatmarket.ua) – is the largest directory of enterprises in Ukraine and a trading platform..

You can::

  • Find new customers and partners among more than 600,000 enterprises;
  • Place your goods;
  • Receive and participate in tenders for new tenders;
  • Look for suppliers and contractors.
How to add a company to PrivatMarket?

Go to privatmarket.ua, click the "Login" button, specify the phone number and password from Privat24 for individuals or businesses. If you are not registered with Privat24, please register. If your company does not have an account in PrivatBank, you can send a request for opening.

After authorization, the data about your company will be pulled up. Fill in the indicated fields, select markets, add employees to work in the personal cabinet of PrivatMarket if necessary.

If I have several companies, can I add everything to PrivatMarket?

If you are the head of several companies, you can add companies using the button "Add company". One company can register only one company on PrivatMarket.

How to add a company employee to work at PrivatMarket?

In the section "My office", the "My employees" tab, the director or the accountant of the company can connect a trustee (if Privat24 is available for individuals) to work in PrivatMarket, adding his mobile phone number.

When choosing markets (goods / services) I do not see my rubric, how to add?

When selecting / editing the markets at the bottom of the page, click the "No my category" button and fill out the name of the category you need.


Can I add several items of goods and services of my company to PrivatMarket at once?

Yes, you can download several items of your company's products and services to PrivatMarket in the formats XML, YML, CSV, Excel file (XLS, XLSX). You can read the rules and templates by reference.

When will the goods (services) of the company be displayed simultaneously in the sections "Business" and "Individuals"?

The goods (services) of the company will be displayed in the sections "Business" and "Individuals", if the structure of the file specifies wholesale and retail prices.

Why are not my store's products displayed on PrivatMarket in the company's office, in the section 'My Catalog?'

The absence of goods on PrivatMarket is possible for several reasons:

  • There is no corresponding category in the PrivatMarket catalog;
  • If the structure or format of the price list has been changed – you need to contact the support of PrivatMarket – info@privatmarket.ua;
  • The information in the company's office is not filled in the section 'Company information'> 'Company contacts' and 'Contacts for the order', namely: contact phone number and e-mail address;
  • The company's current account was not saved in the 'Payment for my goods and services' field.


What should a supplier do to participate in the "Warm credits" program?
  1. To familiarize with the Public offer on PrivatMarket under reference.
  2. Add company to PrivatMarket (if it was not added earlier).
  3. In the private office of PrivatMarket add the Price of goods with the designation "Warm credits" (sale hc).
    An example of price is available on reference.
How to add a company to PrivatMarket?

Go to privatmarket.ua, click the "Login" button, enter the phone number and password from Privat24 for individuals or businesses.

If you are not registered with Privat24, please register..

If your company does not have an account in PrivatBank, you can send a request for opening..

After authorization, the data about your company will be pulled up. Fill in the indicated fields, select markets, add employees to work in the personal cabinet of PrivatMarket if necessary.

How to add goods under the "Warm credits" program?
  1. Make a price according to the example.
  2. Go to your account.
  3. Go to the menu item "My Catalog" – "Add" – "Load Multiple Positions".
  4. Download the file (Open the access to the price list for everyone – via the menu "File-> download as" download it in CSV format – go to the download list in the browser – copy the link of the downloaded file to the price list – specify the link in the office on PrivatMarket).
How to place the goods on Privatmarket?

Go to my account – My catalog menu – Upload multiple items. Near the product there will be a logo "Warm credits"

What equipment and materials can be added in the framework of the program "Warm credits"?
  • Equipment and materials for arrangement of individual heat points;
  • Equipment and materials for thermomodernization of in-house heating systems and hot water supply systems;
  • Heat pump system for water heating and / or hot water supply;
  • Equipment and materials for the modernization of public lighting systems;
  • The units of water (hot, cold) and heat energy accounting;
  • Devices of the account of electric energy.

The complete list is available on the link.

Can I use the "Add manually one line item" option?

No, but this opportunity is in development.

What commission is taken from the supplier for participation in the program "Warm credits"?

The amount of the commission that is payable by the Participant (Supplier) is 3% of the value of such goods and / or services, includes VAT.

How is the commission charged from the supplier for participating in the "Warm credits" program?

The amount of the commission shall be collected by the Bank on a single day at the date of transfer of funds to the account of the Participant (Supplier) as payment for goods and / or services purchased by the Purchaser (the Customer) for each contract "Warm Credit for AJOAH".


How to apply for a "Warm Credit for AJOAH" from PrivatBank?
  • Go to the PrivatMarket website in the "Products for Business" menu;
  • Go to the required category;
  • Select the company of interest;
  • Go to the card of the necessary goods and click on the button "Buy" – "Make a loan";
  • Select the required quantity of goods, the period and click on the "Order" button.

Your application for credit has been sent for processing.

What equipment and materials can be purchased in the framework of the program "Warm credits"?
  • Equipment and materials for arrangement of individual heat points;
  • Equipment and materials for thermomodernization of in-house heating systems and hot water supply systems;
  • Heat pump system for water heating and / or hot water supply;
  • Equipment and materials for the modernization of public lighting systems;
  • The units of water (hot, cold) and heat energy accounting;
  • Devices of the account of electric energy.

The complete list is available on reference


How to create an online store on PrivatMarket?

Create an online store on PrivatMarket is easy! For this it is sufficient:

  • Go to the "My Site" tab in the personal account of the company in PrivatMarket.
  • Choose any design you like, depending on the type of activity of your company.
  • Select the site name in the .privatmarket.ua domain (for example: company.privatmarket.ua) and click the "Publish" button (how to connect an external domain name (for example: company.com.ua) – see item 3).

Within a few minutes your site will be completely ready to accept orders! The new site will immediately contain all your products and contact information about the company.

What is the cost of a domain name?

Domain name in the form of company.privatmarket.ua – free.

You can purchase an external domain name (for example: company.com.ua) from the domain name registrar (for example: name.com, imena.ua or others) and then connect to the created site. The cost of an external domain name according to the tariffs of the chosen domain name registrar.

How can I connect an external domain to the created site?

To connect an external domain, you must first register a domain name with one of the registrars (for example: name.com, imena.ua or others).

After registering the domain name, you need to set the following settings in the domain control panel of the registrar: for the domain and subdomain with www create an entry with the type "A" pointing to

The speed of DNS change can depend on the registrar and usually occurs within 24 hours.

What is the cost of using templates and what form of payment?

30 days of the trial test period, then - 200 UAH/month. Packages are offered 6 months and 12 months. The bill for payment will be generated automatically and sent to you by e-mail after the test period of using the site. You will need to pay before the 25th day of the month in which the bill was received in any convenient way.

How to add products to the created online store?

The created online store will display all your products located on PrivatMarket, therefore, to add a new product to the site, you just need to add it to the PrivatMarket directory.

Is there a mobile version of the site?

Yes, the created online store has an adaptive design and will be displayed equally qualitatively both on a computer monitor, and on a tablet or smartphone.

How do I find out about ordering a product through the site?

Notices about the order of the goods come online on several channels of communication simultaneously:

  • In the personal cabinet of PrivatMarket in the section "Orders from the buyer";
  • SMS to mobile phone about a new order;
  • Notification on email about a new order.

Notices about the order of goods through the online store are similar to the order notifications via PrivatMarket.

Are there commissions when selling goods?

Terms of sale of goods through the online store will be similar to the terms of sale through PrivatMarket.

When selling goods to individuals – a commission from the seller 2.75% for payment (this is a commission for Internet acquiring), the commission from the buyer – is absent.

When selling goods to business (companies or private entrepreneurs), the commission is not charged (all payments between Privatbank accounts are free!).

To what account will I receive payment for the goods?

Payment for the goods will be credited to your company account 2600 *, which you indicated when registering the company.

My question is not on the list.

You can ask a question by e-mail by writing a message to the technical support service support@privatmarket.ua.


How to change the subscription settings for tenders?

Go to "Purchases"> "Subscribe to new purchases" and click "Configure". The entire list appears. You can delete or add the settings of interest

What are the types of purchases?

Sub-threshold purchase – the purchase budget is up to 200 thousand UAH (goods) or 1.5 million UAH (work).

Ultra-threshold purchase – the purchase budget exceeds UAH 200,000 (goods) or UAH 1.5 million (works).

How much does it cost to participate in the tender?

With participation in tenders for public procurement of the ProZorro.org system from 04/01/2016 and commercial purchases of Rialto:

  • Bidding with an initial budget of up to 20,000 UAH – 17 UAH;
  • Bidding with an initial budget of 20 000.01 to 50 000 UAH – 119 UAH;
  • Bidding with an initial budget of 50 000.01 to 200 000 UAH – 340 UAH;
  • Bidding with the initial budget from 200 000.01 to 1 000 000 UAH – 510 UAH;
  • Bidding with an initial budget of 1 000 000.01 UAH – 1 700 UAH.
How to pay for the fate of the tender?

Payment of the commission for each application for participation in the auction is carried out by contractual writing off by the bank from the current accounts of the participant (supplier) in the next month.

How to apply for participation in the tender?
  1. In the "Purchases" tab or from your subscription to tenders, select the tender you are interested in.
  2. Click the "Apply" button in the tender profile.
  3. Fill in the fields and click the "Apply for participation" button.
  4. Receive a notification "Your application was successfully sent."
Who can submit proposals for participation in the tender?

Legal entities (residents and non-residents), individuals-entrepreneurs can submit proposals.

How to participate in the auction?
  1. To get to the tender in participant mode, go to the page of the tender 15 minutes before the bidding and authorize on the PrivatMarket site in the following sequence:
  2. Log in – "Login".
  3. Find a tender for which you have previously applied.
  4. Click on the link "Enter the auction".
How to add the necessary documents to the application?
  1. 1. Log in to the site: "Exit" – "Login".
  2. 2. Click on the company name in the qualification table of the participants.
  3. 3. In the "Nested files" block of the editing form of the previously filed application, attach the missing documents.
At which stage of the tender can you add the necessary documents to the application?

The tender participant is obliged to familiarize himself with the organizer's requirements for the documents necessary for participation in the tender, and clarify with the organizer at which stage the documents should be added. Technically, this is stipulated in the stages 'Proposal acceptance period' and 'Qualification of the winner'.

How to edit the application for a tender?
  • 1. You can edit or cancel the application only with the status of the tender "Acceptance of offers".
  • 2. Go to the tender by clicking on the "Application submitted" button and open the order editing interface.
  • 3. Make the necessary changes and click "Save". The message "Your order has been successfully updated" appears.
  • 4. If you want to cancel the application, click the red "Cancel" button and then confirm the cancellation in the appeared window.
How to receive the act of completed works for participation in tenders on the PrivatMarket site?

Acts of the executed works are provided in the Paperless service. To register with the service, you need to use the email address of your company.

What are the status of tenders?

Refinement period - the stage of the competitive procedure, during which you can ask the organizer of the tender.

Proposal acceptance period is the stage of a competitive procedure during which participants can submit their proposals.

Prequalification period - the stage of the competitive procedure during which the customer makes a decision on admission of participants to the auction, viewing the documentation of the participants.

Prequalification period (appeal period) is the stage of a competitive procedure during which participants can file a complaint with the appeals authority about the non-admission to the auction.

Bidding - this is the stage of the competitive procedure, during which, there is a reduction between all bidders.

Qualification of the winner - the stage at which the Customer considers the offers of the participants (starting with the smallest amount) and determines the winner.

Suggestions are considered - this status means that the Customer has identified the winner of the tender and uploaded the relevant decision document.

The intention to conclude a contract - means that the Customer has determined the winner of the purchase and uploaded the relevant decision document.

Торги не відбулися - даний статус означає, що торги не відбулися через недостатню кількість учасників.

Bidding is canceled - this status means that the purchase is canceled by the Customer.

Completed - the final status of the tender, which means that the Customer has downloaded the contract with the winner of the purchase.

How many rounds does the auction take?

3 rounds of 2 minutes each.

What happens if all suppliers fail to qualify?

Procurement will not take place.

When exactly the contract with the buyer comes into force?

After the purchaser has downloaded the signed contract into the system, the purchase gets the status "Completed".

Can the bidding organizer make changes to the tender announced by him?

Yes, it can at the stage of the "Refinement period".

After the completion of this stage, the system automatically assigns the date and time of the beginning of the auction, the sites inform the customer and participants about it, and the customer loses the opportunity to make changes to the ads. Participants submit proposals that remain confidential.

Is there always a fee for participating in the tender?

The commission is written off if the application for participation in the tender is active.

In which case is the bidder displayed as an observer?

1. A participant who has not been authorized.

2. A participant who has not applied for participation.

Can I file a complaint on the tender?

You can file a complaint on the site privatmarket.ua (for free). The complaint can be submitted to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. In order for this complaint to be accepted for consideration, it is necessary to pay the filing of a complaint in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decision No. 291 of March 23, 2016 and attach to the complaint a document confirming payment (http://www.kmu.gov.ua/control/uk/cardnpd?docid=248956665):

The government has established a fee for filing complaints in the electronic procurement system:

  • 5 thousand UAH – in case of disputing the procedure of purchasing goods or services;
  • 15 thousand UAH. – in case of challenging the procurement procedure.

The resolution regulates the amount of payment for challenging the electronic procurement procedure to ensure an effective and transparent public procurement procedure, creating a competitive environment, preventing corruption and developing fair competition. The document was adopted with the aim of bringing the regulatory and legal acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in line with the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement".


What are non-price indicators?

Some goods and services are difficult to buy, based only on the cost and standard requirements for customers. In such cases, it is necessary to take into account not only price criteria, but also such parameters as service level, attractiveness of payment terms, speed of performance of contractual obligations, warranty service, operating costs, technology transfer, training, etc.

Non-price indicators are qualitative indicators of procurement, which help buyers find the most economically viable offer. Using non-price indicators in your purchases will save you time – you will be able to see important quality indicators of suppliers at the stage of preliminary evaluation of the proposal.

How do non-price indicators affect the cost of procurement?

The organizer of the tender assigns a certain weight to a specific non-price indicator (the weight of the price proposal should be at least 70% of the cost, and the non-price – not more than 30%).

How to indicate the percentage of non-price indicators?

Each non-price indicator can have several levels of quality, the so-called options. The supplier's offer can only correspond to one of the options you specify.

You expose the percentage of options based on which of them is more or less desirable for you, and which is acceptable.

The weight of the option chosen by the supplier when submitting the proposal will affect the present value, according to which the reduction takes place.

The sum of the maximum weights of all indicators should not be more than 30%. This condition is mandatory for creating a purchase.

How to submit proposals for procurement with non-price indicators?

To submit a purchase proposal with non-price indicators, the supplier simply needs to specify the values ​​of non-price indicators of its offer. The supplier sees the weight of the non-price index, which the buyer indicated, understands its priorities and can decide which offer to make.

Also, when submitting a proposal, the supplier sees the value of the rising factor calculated using the ProZorro formula. Based on this ratio, the supplier can calculate the present value of his offer.

Present value of supplier's offer = Supplier's offer amount / Correction factor

КК = 1 + (F1 + F2 + ... + Fn)/PV


  • КК - Correction factor;
  • F1...Fn - the value of each non-price indicator selected by the participant
  • PV - weight of "Price"

supplier with a large raising factor has a better chance of winning a purchase, offering the customer a minimum present value.


How to know the limit for "Business Installments"?

You can find out the limit of the enterprise for the "Business installment" service in "Privat24 for business" (the menu item "Accounts"> "Balances"), on the PrivatMarket website (in the upper right corner) or by calling toll-free number 3700.

What are the conditions for using the "Business Installments"?

Presence of advance payment. It can only be carried out at your own expense. The amount of advance payment is indicated in the form of "Application for a loan" in "Privat 24 for business". Advance payment is not carried out against the available amount of the credit limit. The loan term "Business installments" – 6, 9, 12 months (to choose).

The first payment for the loan is carried out for the next calendar month after the month of registration of the service. The monthly commission is 2.5% of the original loan amount.

When charging a payment, 3% of the payment amount is additionally charged to the credit account.

How to apply for a "Business installment" loan for purchases of goods on PrivatMarket?

After selecting the goods, click "Order by installments".

Choose the number of payments for the loan "Business installments" and fill out the form.

As soon as the seller confirms the order, in Privat24 your company will automatically create an application for processing the selected product on credit. You will receive an e-mail or SMS with information about the need to sign an application for "Business installments" in "Privat24 for business". For registration of the service on the current account of the customer there must be a positive balance of funds in the amount of the advance payment.

Where is the application for the "Business Installments" approved by PrivatMarket confirmed?

In "Privat24 for business" – the section "Loans"> "Business installments"> "Sign".

When and to what extent will the seller receive payment for the goods sold on the PrivatMarket website in business installments?

The seller receives the entire amount for the goods within 30 minutes from the moment the buyer signs the advance payment in "Privat24 for business".

How can I calculate monthly payment for business installments?

The amount of monthly payment for business installments is equal to the amount of payment according to the schedule + commission, 2.5% of the original cost of the goods.

How do I know if I need to pay for the "Business Installments" product?

You will receive notifications in which you will specify the account to maturity and the amount of the current payment. Messages are sent by e-mail, via "Privat24 for business" or in SMS.

Is early repayment of business installments possible?

Yes, early repayment is possible, but subject to full repayment of fees and commission for the entire loan period.

Are there costs for the company, the seller of the goods, if the buyer purchases goods on credit "Business installments"?

No, selling the goods through PrivatMarket, the seller does not bear any costs, while immediately receives payment of 100% of the value of the goods.

How can I contact the support of PrivatMarket?

If you have any questions, please contact the support of PrivatMarket – info@privatmarket.ua.


Subthreshold purchases

Appeal on Pre-threshold procurement is addressed to the Appeal Processing Commission formed by the NGO 'Transparency International Ukraine', which has its own user's cabinet (separate from the sites).

In addition to the existing opportunity to ask questions about the procurement procedure, any registered user (except for customers) has the opportunity to contact the Customer with the Request to eliminate the violation. The customer is given three days to review the Requirements and make a decision on it.

During this period, the Customer must publish a response to the Request and, if the Requirements are met, make appropriate changes to the terms of the purchase or decision on qualification. The instructions of the decision by the Customer in the form of text are mandatory, only to choose the status of the decision on Demand ("Satisfied", "Rejected" or "Not satisfied") is not enough.

The Customer's decision must be evaluated by the Complainant. If he is satisfied with the decision, the incident is exhausted and the process is completed. If the complainant is not satisfied, or if the Customer has not considered the Claim (within 3 days), it automatically turns into an Appeal, which the Commission must consider. In the event that the Complainant did not respond to the Customer's response within 3 days, it automatically counts as resolved.

The Commission considers the Appeal and publishes a decision on it, which is communicated to the Customer and Participants, and is also automatically published on the websites of the Sites and the official web portal of the Authorized Body. The decision of the Commission is recommendatory for the Customer and does not lead to the blocking of the procedure, the only exception: the inability to activate the downloaded contract, in the presence of not considered Appeals.

The user who applied to the Appeal should be able to withdraw it at any stage of the process, before the Commission makes a decision.

Ultra-threshold purchases

Complaints on Ultra-Threshold purchases are addressed to the Official Appeal Body (Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine), which has a user's cabinet.

Similarly, to the process of appealing to the Pre-threshold procurement, any user registered on the Sites may apply to the Customer with a Request to eliminate the violation under certain conditions of procurement. In addition, the User can immediately file a complaint without first creating a Claim.

After filing the Complaint, it is checked by the representative of the Appeal Body for technical compliance with the requirements of the Law, receiving payment from the Complainant and not eliminating the reason for the appeal by the Customer. If all the conditions are met, the Complaint is accepted for consideration, otherwise it is rejected.

Complaints about the terms of the purchase are accepted for consideration, they block the beginning of the auction before the consideration of the Complaint and the decision of the Authority against the appeal. After the publication of the decision of the Appeal Body, in the event of a decision on the dissatisfaction of the complaint, the procedure is unlocked and the system reschedules the date of the auction. If the complaint is satisfied, the Customer can change the terms of the purchase, make changes to the documentation, or cancel the procedure. After that the Customer enters information about his decision, the procedure is resumed.

Complaints against the Customer's decisions accepted for consideration completely block the Customer's further actions on the qualifications of the participants and activation of the contract with the winner. In the event that the Authority passes a decision on dissatisfaction with the complaint, the procedure is unlocked. If the Appeals Body satisfies the complaint on the decision on qualification, the Customer has the opportunity to conduct the qualification from scratch. The Customer fulfills the decision of the Appeal Body under its own responsibility, there is no additional automatic control of this.

A complaint against the customer's decision can be filed in cases of open tenders, open tenders with the publication of English, negotiation procedures for defense, negotiation and reduced negotiation.

In addition, until the decision is published by the Appeal Body, the Customer can independently eliminate violations and notify the Appeal Body, which will verify the elimination of the violation and make its decision.

The complaints are filed and the decisions taken on them are published on the websites of the Sites and the official web portal of the Authorized body.

Знакомство с ПриватМаркет

Что такое ПриватМаркет для частных лиц?

ПриватМаркет - это торговая интернет-площадка, где можно сравнить цены на любые товары, а также быстро и удобно покупать в магазинах-партнерах ПриватБанка, как в рассрочку, так и за полную стоимость.

Кто занимается политикой ценообразования на площадке ПриватМаркет?

Цены на товары устанавливают магазины-партнеры, которые размещают свои товары в нашем каталоге. Цены соответствуют прайс-листу магазина. По каждому товару в каталоге мы отображаем все цены, предоставленные нашими партнерами, и Вы можете выбрать самое выгодное предложение. Если Вы обнаружили существенное отличие цены или злоупотребление в ценовой политике магазина, можете оставить отзыв на сайте либо написать нам в чат или на почту info@privatmarket.ua, указав название магазина и добавив ссылку на товар. Мы обязательно свяжемся с представителем магазина и проведем работу по повышению лояльности магазина к клиентам.

Как обратиться в службу поддержки ПриватМаркета?

Если у Вас возникли вопросы, обращайтесь в службу поддержки ПриватМаркета – короткий номер 4050, чат или почта info@privatmarket.ua.

Покупки на ПриватМаркете. Оплата и доставка заказа.

Какие типы оплаты доступны при заказе на ПриватМаркете?

1. Оплата картой.

2. «Мгновенная рассрочка».

3. «Оплата частями».

Какие условия оформления “Оплаты частями”?

Доступны товары от 100 грн. Для оформления договора лимит по сервису “Оплата частями” должен быть не менее стоимости товара, а также на карте должны быть средства для внесения первого платежа. Комиссия за сервис “Оплата частями” для покупателя составляет 0,01%, при списании платежа в счет кредитных средств - взимается комиссия 4% от суммы платежа. При этом комиссия 4% не списывается при списании первого платежа по договору.

Почему не все товары доступны для покупки в “Оплату частями”?

ПриватМаркет - это интернет- площадка, на которой магазины выставляют свои товары. Не все товары в магазине-партнере можно купить по «Оплате частями», поэтому продавец может предложить вам воспользоваться «Мгновенной рассрочкой».

Какие условия оформления “Мгновенной рассрочки”?

Доступны товары от 100 грн. Для оформления договора лимит на покупки в рассрочку должен быть не менее стоимости товара, а также на карте должны быть средства для внесения первого платежа. Комиссия по сервису составляет 2,9% от суммы покупки при ежемесячном списании платежа по договору. Проверить сумму платежа и комиссии вы можете в Приват24 - Мои счета - Оплата частями. При списании платежа в счет кредитных средств - также взимается комиссия 4% от суммы платежа. При этом комиссия 4% не списывается при списании первого платежа по договору.

Можно ли оформить несколько товаров в одном договоре рассрочки?

Да, нужно сложить выбранные товары в корзину. При покупке нескольких одинаковых товаров будет оформлен общий договор рассрочки. При покупке нескольких разных товаров будут созданы отдельные договора.


Какие способы доставки можно выбрать при заказе на ПриватМаркете?

1. Адресная доставка для крупногабаритных товаров.

2. Доставка в почтоматы ПриватБанка.

3. Доставка в отделение Новой Почты.

4. Доставка курьером службы Мист Экспресс.

Какая стоимость доставки в почтомат?

Для заказов в почтоматы ПриватБанка фиксированная стоимость - от 30 грн.

Какая стоимость доставки в отделение Новой почты?

Доставка рассчитывается по тарифам курьерской службы Новая почта.

Какая стоимость адресной доставки (Новая почта)?

Адресная доставка расчитывается по тарифам курьерской службы Новая почта. Подъем габаритного товара на этаж оплачивается отдельно курьеру.

Какая стоимость адресной доставки (Мист-Экспресс)?

Стоимость доставки от 100 грн. Подъем габаритного товара на этаж оплачивается отдельно курьеру.

Когда отправят мой заказ?

Дату отгрузки товара озвучивает оператор при подтверждении заказа. Эта дата также указана в информации о заказе, которая приходит в уведомлении. Проверить информацию вы всегда можете, войдя на сайт ПриватМаркета, в Кабинете клиента - Мои заказы.

Какой срок доставки товара?

Сроки доставки зависят от удаленности адреса получения и склада магазина-партнера, средний срок доставки каждого магазина вы всегда можете увидеть в карточке товара (напротив товарного предложения). Советуем обращать внимание на эти сроки при выборе. Можно рассчитать сроки для вашего типа доставки с помощью калькулятора курьерской службы, например сроки доставки Новая Почта или Мист-Экспресс

Отмена заказа

Как покупателю отменить заказ?

Если товар еще не отправлен, покупатель может самостоятельно отменить заказ в личном кабинете на сайте ПриватМаркета в разделе «Мои заказы».

Если товар уже был отправлен компанией, то покупатель не может отменить этот заказ в кабинете. Возможность появится в момент получения (отправить обратно).

В течение какого времени после отмены заказа деньги возвращаются покупателю на карту?

Если заказ был оформлен с оплатой в рассрочку, деньги возвращаются в течение суток. При оплате полной стоимости - возврат средств может занять до 2-3 рабочих дней.

Что делать, если пришло уведомление “Заказ отменен по причине: товара не оказалось в наличии”?

К сожалению, магазин-партнер не смог выполнить заказ. В этом случае, мы возвращаем вам сумму оплаты, а также подберем для вас похожие товары у других поставщиков.

Возврат товара

В каком случае можно вернуть товар?

Товар без признаков использования можно вернуть\обменять в течение 14 дней

Как сделать возврат товара?

Для возврата товара вам необходимо обратиться в магазин-партнер для согласования адреса отправки. После получения товара, магазин самостоятельно возвращает средства либо вы можете обратиться в нашу службу поддержки для решения вопросов по возврату средств.